Rosemarie’s personal belief that ‘individuality is the heart of style’ forms the foundation for the collection.  Influenced by her couturier grandmother, her innate sense of style was officially translated into her own line in spring 2004

Classical music and Design played key roles in Rosemarie’s life. Driven to explore the full scope of her creative talent, Rosemarie completed studies in piano performance at Trinity College of Music (UK) and the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto). Later, she graduated from the International Academy of Fashion Design and Merchandising. In 1995 she joined Holt Renfrew as women’s contemporary Fashion Buyer, and then moved to Club Monaco, prior to opening her own fashion design consulting firm in 2000. She launched her own eponymous label in 2004. A label which has garnered a strong niche following of artists – musicians, writers, dancers, singers, actors all personally dressed by Rosemarie Umetsu.

In 2008 Rosemarie founded “Iconic Beauty” an ongoing project to celebrate the individual style and art of the Canadian Female Artist through the medium of Fashion Photography. Each year a select number of Female Artists are chosen from across Canada, styled and dressed by Rosemarie Umetsu, and then fashion photographed, by known Canadian Female Photographers. The photographs are exhibited in association with various Art organizations annually in Toronto.

The Atelier and first free standing boutique opened May 2005, Toronto,Canada in the trendy Yorkville area. In addition to providing each individual client an unique exclusive shopping experience, it affords the luxury of bespoke tailoring to each customer’s style and needs, within the ambience of its chic white modern interior.

As a brand Rosemarie Umetsu believes in promoting the arts in Canada and a visibility in the arts is part of its brand culture. The atelier regularly presents salon evenings and is a meeting and connecting ground for many artists in the city.